Nuki Integration

Posted March 14, 2023 by Customer Success ‐ 2 min read

Yonomi Platform now supports a new lock: Nuki

Nuki is most popular in the EU market, enabling you to grow your reach. The Nuki 3.0 and 3.0 pro models are now available and compatible with various traits.

Supported traits:

With Nuki’s addition to Yonomi Platform, you can interact with these locks using traits that you are already familiar with. The traits that are currently supported are:

Lock Trait

  • Lock and unlock functionality

BatteryLevel Trait

  • View the level of battery percentage

BetaPinCodeCredential Trait

  • Create, Update and Delete pin codes
  • Set schedules on pin codes

BetaConnectivity Trait

  • View the connectivity of your device


This implementation contains some rules and nuances to communicate with the Nuki API:

  • Each device can hold a maximum of a 100 pin codes
  • Pin codes must be unique and have 6 numbers
  • Pin codes can only have one schedule each, the schedule can be both temporary and recurring at the same time
  • Names for pin codes cannot contain more than 20 characters
  • Pin codes cannot include 0
  • Pin codes cannot start with ‘12’
  • Nuki Web performs an auto sync to update the status of pin codes once a day. So if a new pin code is created, it will work manually on the lock but it won’t be visible with an API call until the next sync happens. Developers should wait for the state update webhook event from the Yonomi Platform that occurs after Nuki’s auto sync to reflect the change on their end.
  • The auto sync system also produces inconsistencies for offline devices. If a command is sent to an offline device, the Nuki API will accept the command successfully and queue it until the device resumes its connectivity. Once the command is processed by Nuki, Yonomi Platform will send a webhook event with the result.

How to begin using the new locks:

Verify that you have the Nuki integration enabled by reaching out to a Customer Success Engineer. If not, Customer Success can enable it for you.