Yonomi IoT Platform

The Yonomi Platform enables interoperability, aggregation, and control of IoT devices. It provides programmatic device control via GraphQL and device events via webhooks. The Yonomi Platform mitigates the complexities of working with many device models through our device traits syntax.

Yonomi IoT Platform diagram


Yonomi Platform currently integrates with:

with many more integrations yet to come!


Learn more about basic Yonomi Platform device usage here:


Yonomi Platform greatly simplifies communication to and from connected devices through Yonomi Platform device traits. Read more about traits here:


Get updates from device behavior and audit device control though Yonomi Platform events. Learn more here:


Receive real-time data about connected devices via HTTP webhooks.


📘 New to GraphQL?

GraphQL.org is an excellent site for learning GraphQL benefits and usage.

You can check out our Introduction to GraphQL to learn more on how Yonomi uses GraphQL to support faster, more elegant and intuitive software development projects. The Yonomi Platform uses the Relay Pagination Spec. Explore more details on how Yonomi Platform implements this spec at pagination.

Ready to get started exploring Yonomi Platform? Check out the GraphQL Playground here.


Integrating Yonomi Platform usage into an app is even easier with the Yonomi Platform Flutter SDK.